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Hello and Welcome to The POPSuite Blog!

You are probably wondering what POP means.  Well, POP refers to the question that many of us ask ourselves on a regular basis …what is my purpose?  The only difference is that the Professional POP brand focuses on what your daily purpose is on the job.  Many of you may be surprised at what the Professional Purpose that God has assigned to you in your current role is!  The only way to find out is through prayer and studying His word.

The POPSuite, a secondary brand of Professional POP (Pursuit of Purpose) is a fun and safe community created or professionals to pray for, support, and encourage each other as we discover our Professional Pursuit of Purpose and how to properly serve God in our various professions.  Our tagline, What’s Your POP?! is meant to encourage professionals to think about their current profession and how to best serve God using the talents and gifts that He has given you.

Take some time to think about how you can best serve God at work everyday!


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