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Pursuit of Purpose

Professional POP is an organization created to mentor and inspire entry - level to mid-level professionals in pursuing  a more purpose-filled and service-driven career.  We want to encourage you to become the professional that you were created to be!

Our goal at Professional POP is to guide professionals in connecting their life's purpose to their profession in order to establish a more fruitful work experience.

Our tagline "What's Your POP?" is a question designed to encourage professionals to think about how they can effectively utilize their gifts and talents to be successful in the workplace.

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"Your work is not your job.  Your job is what you are paid to do; your work is what you were born to do."

- Myles Munroe

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Sonya Scott

Sonya Scott, the founder of Professional Pursuit of Purpose, LLC is an ordained Minister, certified Human Resources professional, Amazon best-selling author, speaker, blogger, and mentor.  A lover and servant of God, Sonya’s greatest passion is to support and assist professionals in incorporating their professional experience with their God-given talents and gifts effectively in order to identify and grow into a more fulfilling, healthy, and purpose centered career and professional lifestyle. 


Sonya is an advocate for professionals inviting God into their work space and understanding the importance of serving God in their careers.  She has been featured in Today's Purpose Woman Magazine, DFWiGospel Radio, The Danesha Rachelle Show, and The Southern Belle Radio Show.  Sonya is also affiliated with Society for Human Resource Management (Member), Dallas HR (Member), and Success North Dallas (Member).

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